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May 2012 Council Motion 2

For this Council to once again write to the County Registrar urging her to prioritise applications from the unemployed for the roles of Presiding Officer and Poll Clerk in the upcoming Referendum.
We need to write this letter tomorrow, apparently there are still some limited positions available. In my view its simple, people who are unemployed should get priority for these roles over people who already have jobs or who earn a decent pension.
As we all know unemployed people desperate to work, desperate to earn money to pay a few bill, not to go towards holiday funds or new cars, but to pay day-to-day bills. God knows one days work won’t turn things around for those unemployed but it will go some way towards paying a few bills. There are too many talented, well educated people unemployed at the moment who would jump at the chance to earn a few quid. I’m very surprised that the Minister has not already come out and insisted himself before now that this should be the case. I urge the members to support this motion so we can write to the Registrar.



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