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Slimathon 2012 – Raising Money for Local Charities

Every two years myself and a core team of local business people run the Athlone Lenten Slimathon.  It runs for the duration of Lent and during this time participants will have FREE membership of one of Irelands most exclusive Health & Leisure Centres THE SHERATON where they will receive professional tuition on fitness, diet, motivation and weight loss.

Each participant will receive a sponsorship card and will be asked to raise as much as possible for four very worthy charities / local initiatives. These are: Rebuild Bosnia, Athlone Canal Restoration, South Westmeath Hospice and Sarsfield Square Playground Fund. Registration is Feb. 20th (Monday) at 7pm Sheraton Hotel. This really is a fantastic way to lose weight, it doesnt cost you anything, you get the best advice, use of the best equipment and its great fun ! So come down to the Sheraton on 20th Feb and take part in this unmissable opportunity to lose weight! See you there.  

Cllr. Aengus O'Rourke, Tara Talbot Rose of Tralee, Dermot Brennan DB Cycles, Ross O'Callaghan Sheraton Hotel.



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