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Feb 2012 Council Motion 2

For this Council to take in charge (as a Cul de Sac) a laneway (unnamed laneway, map supplied) in Baylough half of which falls within County Roscommon the other half in Westmeath. Roscommon have agreed to take their half in charge.
This laneway is just opposite Shines Bar and it is in terrible condition with muck for a road and overgrown brambles either side all the way to the end. Technically I don’t know how this would work, other than Roscommon and Westmeath / Athlone need to come together and agree a way of providing for this laneway which leads down to approx. 6 private dwellings. 
I would ask that the Engineer if he wouldn’t mind taking a look at this lane with a view to assessing what needs to happen in order for this laneway to be taken in charge by either or both of the Councils.



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