Jan 2012 Council Motion 2

For this Council to review its charges in relation to Parking Permits for the general public in Athlone Town.
I am suggesting that the council review its current charge of €675.00 for a 1 year parking permit in Athlone and reduce this to €450.00 to act as an incentive for people to buy their permits for the year ahead – the current rate does not provide any incentive and in fact works out more expensive to buy a permit than if you work in town and pay your €3 every day. Anyone who currently holds a parking permit has paid too much for it – they’d have saved money by putting in €3 per day. 
I believe to offer this permit at an improved rate will bring in revenue that otherwise would not have materialized. It would also be a great convenience to people not to have to organise the right coins
and buy a ticket every day from the machines.
On top of this I am also suggesting that we provide for an option to avail of a 6 month permit at €250.   These measures are in line with other councils, a number of whom have made similar changes in recent years to their rates for general Parking Permits
Currently, if a working person uses our public car parks each working day at €3 per day, it would cost them approx. €650 per year, the permit is currently priced at €675 which makes no sense.
So I propose a new prepaid permit should be pitched at:
€250 for 6 months
€450 for 1 year



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